Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Investment Scam Ordered to Cease and Desist 
For Immediate Release
Wednesday, January 31, 2001
Contact: Gerri Stuckey, Enforcement Attorney
  Oklahoma Department of Securities
Oklahoma City/////  On January 19, 2001, Irving L. Faught, Administrator of the Oklahoma Department of Securities, issued a cease and desist order against Donald A. English and "EE-Biz Ventures" of Midwest City, Oklahoma. The order directed English and EE-Biz Ventures to stop offering or selling securities in violation of the securities registration and anti-fraud provisions of the Oklahoma Securities Act.

The investment opportunity was offered over the internet and promised to double the amount of each investment within three to five days. However, English and EE-Biz Ventures did not disclose how investor money would be used to make such high returns. The internet enabled English and EE-Biz Ventures to sell the investments worldwide; Investors are believed to number in the thousands.

English and EE-Biz Ventures solicited investments at four different levels using a sports theme. Those levels were described as "Kick Off", "1st and Ten", "2nd and Inches" and "Bonus 10K Spend". The amounts required to participate in each level ranged from $20 to $10,000. Investors were encouraged to make multiple investments.

Investors were told that the Income Opportunities were in "total compliance with all laws and regulatory agencies" and were financially sound. Investors were not told that the Income Opportunities were unregistered securities. English and EE-Biz stopped making payments to investors in December.

EE-Biz was marketed as a "Christian based humanitarian organization." The fraudulent program offered by EE-Biz and English adds to a growing number of promotional schemes using religion to take advantage of the trust built with investors.
This press release, and related information, is available on the Department of Securities' web site at www.securities.ok.gov, by phone at 405/280-7700, or in writing at:  Oklahoma Department of Securities, 204 North Robinson, Suite 400, Oklahoma City, OK 73102